biosurfit, was singled out by the TV channel “SIC” in their prime-time news program.
The TV program highlighted the technology aspects of the spinit® system and also its full potential for improving healthcare treatment and outcome by providing near patient diagnostic.


See the full video on the SIC website:


About biosurfit
biosurfit is a Venture Capital backed diagnostics company founded in 2006. The company invented and developed breakthrough technologies that enable fast, precise and affordable blood analysis, aiming for the key parameters that doctors really want. These proprietary technologies are combined in the spinit® instrument, using a user-friendly reader and disposable disk cartridges for specific clinical conditions. The spinit® instrument uses only one drop of blood to deliver precise results within 10-15 minutes. Initial disposable cartridges to be launched in 2013 include CRP, Blood Count and an Inflammation Panel. It is planned that future tests will include diabetes and cardiac multi-parameter panels.


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Daniel Neves, CMO of biosurfit, tel: +351 217500228